The Future Of Fabric: These Smart Textiles Will Blow Your Mind

Below fabrics will be developed in future which will be mind-blowing and convenient

Organic colors:  The chemical dyes used for coloring fabrics pollute the environment to a greater extent.  Fabric colored using organic natural colors will be prevalent.  These fabrics in cool colors will be a feast for the viewer.

Natural yarn:  The artificial yarn results in heat and sweat.  This leads to multiple health issues.  Natural yarn using plant pulp will be introduced.  This fabric will be popular especially in the context of global warming.

Luminating yarn:  Luminating yarn adds to beauty and grandeur in parties.  It acts as a safety apparel during a night drive. Wearing such dresses will improve confidence and elegance. Such fabrics may be costly.  They can be promoted as an accessory to luxury items.  For example, discount Prada bag can be offered during the same.

Temperature adjustor:  Fabrics which can sense body temperature and adjust the ventilation or warmth level accordingly will be rocking the corporate world.  IOT will make this possible.  Such fabrics result in comfort and can be used across globe irrespective of climate conditions.  This will reduce baggage quantity since winter clothing need not be carried.  This dress will be added advantage for frequent travelers.

Nutrition supplier: In future IOT will make it possible to detect deficiencies in the body of the wearer and induce nutritional supplements through contact.  Also, Vitamin D deficiency can be cured by designing the fabric to absorb sunlight and convert it into vitamin and supplement it.

Energy saver:  The kinetic energy, heat energy of the wearer can be tapped and recharged back into their body.  Such fabrics will never let the wearer feel tired.  Also when traveling under the hot sun, fabrics can be designed to absorb solar energy.