How Technology Can Keep You Healthy – A Complete Guide

Have you realized generally how mortality rates have reduced over the years? Improvement in science and technology and technology as an aid has a very big contribution in not just prolonging the life expectancy of living beings but also in drastically improving the quality of life.

The confession first!

I have been extremely lackadaisical about health. After a couple of bariatric surgeries because hearth health-giving up I had to consciously drive myself to be up on my two and take my health seriously. I signed up with and there has been no looking back since!

So how has technology really helped all of us in keeping our health together?

A healthy body can only house a healthy mind and it should be the prerogative of each one of us that we try to be as healthy as possible. Taking our health for granted cannot just mean cutting down years of our life but it can mean debilitating illnesses and inconveniences to us and to our dependents and a resultant hit to the self-esteem and dignity that we all love so dearly!

Fitbit, my constant companion:

I am someone who needs to be constantly motivated when it comes to my fitness journey. When I signed up for my first health program, my partner gifted me a Fitbit which has constantly been my motivating partner.

Every morning it rings alarms to tell me that it is time for me to the hit the road, alarm for a high protein shake and then mandatory two and a half liters of water. Not just that, it counts my calorific intake, the steps I take during the whole day and then calculate my calorific loss and then again helps me sleep well telling me how well I slept the next morning. For a small but smart device that is quite a lot of features but tells you what? It is one of the best things that I have got from my partner and is so useful that I can sometimes leave home without a wallet but not without this strapped on to my wrist!!