How Drones Are Helping to Plant Trees – Everything You Need to Know

Deforestation is one of the leading issues the human race is facing currently. Many forests and trees are cut down to make more space for building homes and commercial constructions. This is affecting the environment by disturbing the ecological balance. Now many organizations are coming forward to reconstruct the forest by planting as many trees as possible. The advanced technology is enabling us to use modern devices like drones to plant trees in mountain regions where it is difficult to reach by foot.

How these drones work: The tree-planting drones are proving to be very beneficial in planting trees with very less human labor. These drones are usually used in three different stages as:

1) Understanding the topography: These drones can be used to take a survey of the area where we want to plant trees. The drones can collect data about the soil type, trees that are already present, type of trees that can be planted, quality of the soil etc.

2) An algorithm to plant trees: An algorithm then provides us with details about the best locations where to plant the trees as well as species that can be used.

3) Plant seeds: Once the detailed plan is ready, these drones can be used to plant the seeds. These drones can be used to fire seed pods that penetrate through the soil easily and plant the seeds in the soil as deep as required. These drones are usually low flying drones that can plant the seeds easily.

Later the drones can be used to monitor the growth of the trees as well. This way we can plant around 100,000 trees in a single day, which is very tedious otherwise. The human labor can be used to clear out the fields if there are any existing old trees that need to be removed. These workers can ease up their task by using the best reciprocating saw.…