SEO bei Google

Search engine optimization for Google is of prime focus for most of the website developers. Though there are other search engines, most of the website owners focus mainly on Google. Google continues to be the most used search engines and so to target the majority of the audience people work on SEO for Google. If there are business websites being developed, Bing is a search engine used in several workplace scenarios. So Bing SEO should also be given equal importance.

Focus on the title and the subheadings

The main heading, meta description, and the subheadings are all very important when it comes to optimizing for Google. If you find all of this difficult to manage after launching your website, visit

The keyword count should be maintained to avoid congestion and there should also be the right use of keywords in the subheadings.

Media ranking matters

Video and image files on the website do not just make it easy to convey information through the website but also help in improving the ranking. This improves the chances of traffic coming from image search and video search as well. For this, you should skip stock images and choose relevant high-quality images and videos. Make sure that you also keep the copyright terms in mind when it comes to using these images or videos.

Regularly update your website

You cannot simply create a website and forget about it. It is not enough to have an analytics tool for your website. You should interpret the results and make the necessary changes. You should also upload new content on your website on a regular basis. Most people look for recent content. Your informative blog would not be of any use if it was published several years ago. There might be lots of details that might have got outdated.…