How Technology Connects People Globally

Globalization has meant that people no longer create things for a singular audience. Companies operate on the premise of working as a single, integrated unit. This is only possible when all employees, across geographies, are working together, in a cohesive manner. Technology has shrunken the workplace and it is now possible to conduct a real-time meeting between two locations that are across the globe.

Employee Satisfaction

One of the most significant gains that companies have seen is that employees are more productive and efficient since they are able to gather information faster and perform their tasks at an optimum pace. Other than the corporate sphere, technology has also enabled people to connect on personal and professional platforms – like social media and job search websites.

Some of the ways in which the world has become smaller:

  • People across spectrums are able to share their thoughts and ideas and have them debated on via social media and on websites like themarketingheaven.
  • Workflow for companies can be maintained all day thanks to connectivity
  • The room for innovation across sectors has improved tremendously thanks to technology. Innovators from everywhere have an equal platform to share their work.

However, a shrinking world and workplace don’t exactly mean utopia. There are aspects of it that can be detrimental to development as well.

  • Lack of clarity in communications basically means that people are constantly shouting over the noise to try and get their point across. The room for error is very very little.
  • A coder is a coder anywhere in the world. However, people differ in their culture. For instance, in the West follow-up, a clear line of communication and full disclosure goes a long way in establishing a productive professional atmosphere. Some other countries have a different work culture and prefer to present a finished project rather than keep upper management apprised of any issues.

In conclusion, the world is smaller, but, it is diverse and vast. Technology has shrunken distances and so much else. People and human nature remain unchanged!…