7 Important Strategies for Raising Children in a World of Technology

I was cynically looking at the children’s progress report card and worrying myself sick as to how in spite of the best efforts; they were still lagging behind their classmates. I decided to give it a shot at reducing their screen time in a bid to get them to books and school activity.

I knew the futility of beginning this exercise not because I was hopeless but because I had tried this one before too very less success. It works only when the entire family is on the same plane.

We refuse to turn off our computers, turn off our phones, log off our Facebook and just sit in silence because in those moments we might actually have to face up two we really are.” – Jefferson Bethe.

Those days I remember reading an article on this and choking myself on the above quote.

I suddenly realized that the challenge was something. That we were one of the first set of parents who were bringing up our children in a world full of I Everything and trying to futilely wean them away from technology while we are clinging on to it.

The spiritual Sadh guru whom I follow once said very clearly in a sermon: “children will never listen to you but they will observe you.”

There is a good point in setting an example than bossing over them rather than give them your mind without practicing it yourself.

If you want your son or daughter to quit their devices and get back to playing or books or anything else, you need to first disconnect. You will need to have rules for your entire household. You cannot have double standards and kids or adults both covered.

I have experience and I tell you all this from it!

A couple of months ago, I decided to draw up a timetable for using devices and got us a cosy tent. The living room is hustling since then with kids actually role-playing in the house and imagining stories and enacting them. Why didn’t I think of this idea before, duh!

  1. Make rules for everyone;
  2. Switch off on stipulated time;
  3. Screen time is minimum one to two hours daily;
  4. Log off social media;
  5. Wifi needs to be optional; not a necessity at all.
  6. Encourage role-playing in kids;
  7. Encourage them to play outside.

Yachting: The Importance of GPS

The technology advancement has made so many changes in our day to day lives and the revolution in the GPS technology has led to many applications in various fields including traveling, yachting, health industry, food outlets and also other business operations.  The GPS technology has been widely used for the navigation purposes which receive a signal from the American Satellites which is launched especially for the purpose of determining the location in three dimensions- altitude, latitude, and longitude.

It is one of the greatest advantages to seek information for navigation purposes for anyone across the world at any time.  To get access to the GPS system, install it in order to receive data so that you can fix the GPS receiver may be in the yacht, airplane, and helicopter in order to find the direction of the destination area. This helps you to get more information with less investment using a GPS tracking system.

Nowadays, the mobile phone apps are there to find the navigation routes from the starting point to the end point and it also shows the shortest possible routes with the time duration. The technology thus transformed the lives of us a little easier.

Many Hi-tech boaters and yacht use this application to find out the routes, depth of the place, and so on and if you want to get more information just click https://www.4yacht.com.

The important reason to use GPS in the yacht is as follows;

  • The GPS sonar helps to give you a maximum control and also helps to build confidence in you in which the GPS sonar provides a clear idea on the exact location where you are and where you want to reach, the time of arrival from the base and the time to return to the base etc.
  • It also helps to inform you of the depth of the ocean or sea where you are traveling in which it is important to know the depth of the place in order to avoid any damages.
  • It also helps to set a boundary limit for your traveling and if you deviate either left or right, it alarms you to travel on the right path.
  • It also helps to find the time taken to reach your destination and the distances to be covered as well.
  • It also helps to find the safest place in case of any weather change apart from this a journey in yacht will give a pleasant and carefree cruise.

How Technology Is Affecting What And How You Drink

Technology has intensely affected several walks of our life – our diet most importantly. You get to read more about the healthy diet routines to follow for different fitness goals. You get to explore the nutritional information of every food item you consume. There are so many other ways in which tech has changed what and how your drink.

Morning dose of coffee

Coffee makers today have become more and more user-friendly. With the click of a button, anyone can make a perfect cup of coffee with the desired level of foam and the desired concentration of the brew. To make it even better there are smart coffee makers that can be remotely controlled with the smartphone apps. Right, when you wake up you could turn on the coffee machine from your phone and have piping hot coffee ready for you when you head to the kitchen.

Hydration has never been this easy

There is an increasing awareness about the need for staying hydrated and drinking a healthy quantity of water every single day. There are apps that can keep track of the amount of water consumed each day and remind you at regular intervals to drink water. Even smart water bottles with periodic alarms are available.

The ease of buying your drinks

The process of winemaking and the manufacture of alcoholic beverages, in general, has changed drastically. There has also been a lot of advancements in the way the bars operate. They are now able to target the right segment and even sell the drinks online. On the whole, the pattern of consumption of alcohol has changed over the past few years.

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Five Workplace Tech Tools Every Office Should Use

Every office should aim to increase productivity, be well organized as well as have a fun culture. Why not use these tech tools listed on bestbudget.com, to make the workplace productive? This is important to increase the performance of the team and it helps to increase the revenue of the company.

Software used for communication

Effective communication is essential for the productivity of a team. It is thus important that some investment did towards software that can improve the communication of the team. Many advanced tools available today can help in boosting internal communication and in turn make the employees work more efficiently.

Software for task management

Situations of a delay in the project because of not getting the document on time or where the laptop crashed with all the important documents are something that happens regularly. It is important that a company invests in software that keeps the projects and the assets in sync and makes it easily accessible. This helps the team performance. Working on the cloud is a great way to increase team collaboration.

Tracking tools

Measure and improve is what the tracking tools aim to achieve. It helps to increase productivity by increasing employee performance. The tracking tools help to gauge how much time is wasted in other distractions and what is the amount of productive hours clocked in. This helps to make the most of the time and be efficient.

De-clutter the workspace

The team’s productivity impacted by the environment of the workspace and chaos can make one lose his focus on the job. If everything is streamlined and organized then it helps you work and focus better.

Fun tools

There are fun tools that can be used to reduce employee stress and improve productivity. This also increases the loyalty of the employees and gives better job satisfaction. So make sure that there are some fun software tools installed in the workplace to build up the productivity.

The Impact of Technology on the Emergence of Infectious Diseases

Nowadays medical science is advanced and there are innovative means of treating patients.  But new infectious diseases which are severe in nature emerge.  Read on to know in detail how technology impacts on the emergence of these infectious diseases:

Tracking made easy:  Because of the improvement in technology, tracking of diseases can be effectively made using web surveillance tools.

Communication:  Communication has improved manifold.  Hence prevention methodology can be communicated faster across the globe.  Treating diseases can be done easily without geographic hurdles.

Better check on causes:  Technology has helped to have a better check on the causes.  Hence controlling and eradicating the disease at an early stage is easy.  For example, to control bird flu one can avail the services of Pigeon deterrent company and eliminate the proximity of pigeons from their residences.

Stem cells Therapy:  Technology has helped in stem cells research therapy.  This help in tackling infectious diseases to a greater extent.  Gene therapy makes cure possible even before birth.  These help in controlling emerging diseases effectively.

Hyper vaccination:  Technology has helped to discover new medicines and vaccines to make humans stronger enough to survive emerging diseases.  These vaccines are a one-time remedy.  The entire universe has become one smaller place to live. People travel frequently across multiple places.  Hence the infectious diseases spread too fast.  Like olden days the diseases are not restricted to particular areas.  Hence improvement in the field of medicine is inevitable.  Technology enables intrinsic research.  Stem cell therapy provides a new model for the body to fight against the infection.  Complicated transplantation surgery and concepts like organ donation etc. are made possible only with improvement in medical technology and faster modes of communication and transport.

The procedure for surgeries has become simple due to robotics.