How Technology Is Increasing Security & Safety

Technology is improving day by day and has become an inevitable part of life.  Living in prime cities where the crime rate is high is made better and safe now only because of these modern gadgets.  Let us see how technology is improving safety:

Motion lights and burglar alarms:

Motion lights glow when they detect any movement in the surrounding.  The burglar alarms sound a bell when the sensor detects any movement and sends a signal to the control box.  Both motion light and burglar alarm work based on motion sensors.  It is widely available in the market  and in leading cities.  For example  ‘alarm companies glasgow’.

Smart home security system: Smart security system apps allow one to view videos of all the parts of the house, control access to locks or rooms etc.  It is a complete solution for home security needs an Internet of things (IOT) is the technology used in the smart home security system.  This helps in controlling and operating various options even when the user is outside the house. For example, you can open the lock of the door from your car.  The lock system is controlled from a remote location using wi-fi.

CCTV cameras:  CCTV cameras help in providing footages of the image of visitors.  They constantly record and store images of the area under coverage.  An added advantage of CCTV camera is that they can be located facing any part of the house or even towards the road.

Smoke detectors: Smoke and fire alarms in a way help in home safety.  They help in preventing fire accidents by raising alarm at a very early stage.  They work based on smoke detectors and temperature sensors.  Once the sensor detects the smoke it automatically releases the water nozzle which releases water forcefully and puts off the fire.

There are detectors of gas leakage, short circuit etc which are very helpful in avoiding mishappenings and save many lives.